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Discover Affordable, Reliable Geothermal System Installations & Repairs

If you’re considering a geothermal system installation as part of new construction, if you’re thinking of replacing your current system with geothermal, or you’re ready for an upgrade or need repairs—you can count on Groff’s to deliver the geothermal system expertise you need. For installation, replacement, service, and maintenance, you can count on us.

Need Emergency Geothermal System Repair?

Members of the Groff’s team are ready to respond should you need fast repair service for your geothermal system.

a geothermal heat pump system, with water circulating and being heated

Geothermal System Maintenance, Servicing, & Repairs

If you’re noticing little or no airflow from your heating system, unusual noises or frequent stopping/starting of the system, elevated energy bills, or an unpleasant odor from your geothermal heating system, it’s time to call Groff’s.

With proper maintenance, geothermal heating systems are generally problem-free. However, a mechanical breakdown, supply-line clog, leak, or faulty pump could cause problems that affect its reliability.

We’ll start with geothermal system troubleshooting, replacement of any necessary geothermal system parts, and ensure that repairs are covered by your geothermal system warranty where applicable.

So whether it’s your geothermal heat pump, ground-source heat pump, pipes, or temperature controls causing the problem, we will make repairs quickly and reliably at a fair price—that’s the Groff’s difference. Schedule service today.

When it’s Time for Geothermal System Replacement

The Groff’s Home Comfort Team is ready to help you get the best from your existing geothermal system. We want it to last just as long as you do. However, if it ever needs to be replaced, we’ll make sure we’ve done everything we can to make sure you get a high-efficiency geothermal system that meets all your needs, at a fair price.

When considering the replacement of your geothermal heating/cooling system, there are several items we’ll discuss with you, to make sure you get the best geothermal system installation for your home:

  • Heating Volume
  • Soil and Rock Conditions
  • The Purchase Price of Various Geothermal System Brands
  • Required Maintenance
  • Anticipated Lifespan
  • Geothermal System Efficiency

The certified HVAC professionals assigned to your geothermal loop installation will work carefully to ensure that your new system performs efficiently and meets all codes. Then you can rest assured knowing that your heating system will operate seamlessly and safely.

When you’re ready to talk about geothermal heating systems—or any type of heating—contact Groff’s to schedule.

Energy-Efficient Geothermal Systems and Much More!

Did you know that Groff’s offers a full line of heating services? For maintenance, repairs, installation, and replacement of any type of heating system? Including furnaces, boilers, ductless mini splits, heat pumps, and more?

And it doesn’t stop with heating. We also offer the following in Southcentral and Southeastern PA:

Geothermal energy is renewable and uses the qualities already found in the earth to heat (and cool) your home. When you’re ready to talk about geothermal system cost, design, benefits, and operation, we’re ready to have that conversation. See what specials we’re currently offering, consider bundling services together, and then contact us to get started.