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Maximize Safety & Energy Efficiency with Groff’s Electrical Lighting Services

If you need lighting for an entire newly constructed home, lighting upgrades and repairs for an existing home, or lighting installation and maintenance of any type, you’ll find professional lighting installations by the licensed lighting contractors at Groff’s Heating, AC & Plumbing to be top-shelf. We care about the safety of your home or business as much as you do, and our team is waiting to take your call.

Expert Electrical Lighting Services Should Deliver in a Number of Areas

Why do our homes and businesses need light? For safety, of course—we need to see where we’re going and what we’re doing. But it’s also about design, ambiance, and using light fixtures to create a mood, round out a design, or act as the focal point of a room.

The placement and brightness of light are crucial to how well a room is lit, and our lighting system design and installation professionals know how to provide it all.

So whether you’re in search of commercial lighting services or residential lighting installations, we can help from the beginning—design through installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Contact the Groff’s Home Comfort Team today to get started.

electritian installing light box in new home

The Electrical Lighting Services You’ll Find at Groff’s

No two lighting jobs are alike, and that’s why our team treats every lighting project like there’s no other like it. We’ll ask questions, survey the site, learn about your preferences, and recommend lighting that will deliver in all areas.

We offer a full line of lighting services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions for Homes
  • Safe & Reliable Lighting Installations
  • Customized Lighting Solutions
  • Lighting Services for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces
  • LED Lighting Installations
  • Lighting Controls & Automation

Want your lights to work with Smart Home controls? You can rest assured that the team at Groff’s has the know-how to design and install those types of systems for you. That’s because not only are we licensed, certified, and insured electricians, but we’re also trained lighting design and installation experts whom you can trust. Let’s discuss your lighting needs today.

Why Hiring a Licensed Electrician for Lighting Installation & Repair is Crucial

When you need lighting repair or installation, doing it yourself or asking your general contractor to add it to their to-do list can feel tempting.

However, it’s important to remember that if the lighting isn’t installed correctly, it could lead to serious problems like electrical shorts or fires.

A licensed electrician with lighting installation know-how can ensure the safety of all wiring, connections, and components, as well as minimize the risk of an electrical fire. It’s important to remember that fires resulting from work done by anyone not insured as an electrician may not be covered.

So before you try to figure out how to install that light fixture on your own, give the team at Groff’s a call. We’ll make sure it’s safe, solid, and ready to light your home.

Installation of sockets in a new apartment

Need Other Electrical Services for Your Home or Business?

Groff’s delivers quality lighting installations; however, there’s no electrical job that’s outside our capabilities. We can wire your entire new home, rewire all or a portion of your existing home, troubleshoot, make repairs, and more. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of our electrical services, including electrical wiring, before you call anyone else.

Add HVAC & Plumbing to the List, Too

For all your home comfort needs, including electrical lighting services, turn to the professionals at Groff’s Heating, AC & Plumbing.

We provide all of these services:

You can save money and time by bundling services together and checking back regularly for current specials. We want you to have a safe, comfortable home and it all starts with a call to Groff’s.