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Let an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Help You Rest Easy

How would it feel to know that your home’s AC can be relied on to keep you and your family cool and comfortable, even on the hottest summer days? To know you’re guaranteed to get discounts on parts and labor should anything go wrong? And how much would you enjoy priority scheduling any time you place a service call? With an air conditioning maintenance plan from the Groff’s Home Comfort Team, you’ll enjoy all that and more.

Need Priority AC Repair Service?

When you enroll in Groff’s Home Comfort Assurance Program, you’ll get priority scheduling for every air conditioning repair service, which is especially valuable when your AC isn’t keeping up on hot, humid summer days—or when it isn’t working at all. We’re waiting to hear from you, so we can deliver the exceptional, professional service you expect.

What Can You Expect to Get from Groff’s Home Comfort Assurance Program?

Air Conditioning Repair man hands checking and fixing modern air

No matter what you call it—air conditioner service plan, cooling system maintenance contract, HVAC maintenance package, AC tune-up plan, preventative maintenance for air conditioning, annual AC checkup, routine air conditioning maintenance, or seasonal AC maintenance—you can be sure your cooling system is in top working order with a maintenance plan from Groff’s.

Our team will perform the following services during every air conditioning maintenance plan visit:

  • Inspect Indoor & Outdoor Coils (clean as needed)
  • Replace 1” Disposable Filter*
  • Inspect Blower Wheel (clean as needed)
  • Inspect Electrical Connections (tighten as needed)
  • Check Motors & Lubricate Motors/Bearings (as needed)
  • Check Air Flow Temperatures
  • Clean Out Condensate Trap & Check Pump (clean as needed)
  • Check Loop Pressures & Temperatures (geothermal only)
  • Check Defrost Operation (fall only)
  • Inspect Ductwork Connections at Air Handler
  • Make Recommendations for Improving Performance

*upgraded filters available for an additional cost

Validate Your AC Warranty with an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Did you know that when you have a standard or extended warranty for your AC system, annual maintenance is often required to keep that warranty intact? In fact, before honoring your warranty, many manufacturers will need to see proof of annually scheduled AC servicing and regular, professional AC inspections.

Add that information to the peace of mind you’ll feel when you know that your AC system is operating at peak performance, and there’s no reason not to contact Groff’s to enroll in a proactive AC system care plan.

More HVAC Maintenance Plans from Groff’s

Air conditioning maintenance plans are just one type of annual service plan we offer. You can also sign up for a heating system maintenance plan to make sure your winters are just as comfortable as your summers.

Enroll in an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Today

For energy-efficient AC maintenance, filter replacement programs, timely AC system cleaning, regular AC system optimization, and long-term AC performance monitoring, count on Groff’s comprehensive AC maintenance plans.

We’ll make sure your air conditioning system is safe and operating efficiently and reliably—you have our word on it.